Our Direction

Founders’ Thoughts

Our Direction for InvestingOur team places uncompromising efforts on research & study of Indian industries, emerging as well as the established ones. Consequently, we are able to do efficient and effective wealth management for our clients.

PA Wealth Advisors has a strong hold over grabbing opportunities in Indian equity markets. We have a core expertise for equity research and analysis. Our Direction for Investing is to apply our expertise to enable the conservative as well as aggressive investors achieve their expectations.

Keeping in mind that no one would want erosion of what they put in; we aim to keep the portfolio dynamic to beat the country’s economical factors which may turn adversely challenging.

Dynamic portfolio – constantly include in the portfolio, market instruments which show an upward moving trend in terms of returns. Moreover, value addition overtime with multibagger

Client Focussed Approach

Focus is on channelising the funds of our clients in the most fruitful investment ventures. Needs of all types of investors are catered in the best possible ways as per their objective & acceptable risk levels. We strive to maintain a forever going relation with our clients. Thus, this gives us a sense of responsibility to explore the best opportunities in the Indian industries.

PA Wealth Advisors has a robust team of client relationship management to let any person, be it businessman, engineer, doctor, teacher or even a housemaker to understand and handle their queries. We believe in making our client management team to have ability to understand the clients’ expectations. Moreover our client relationship management team is well versed with the our services’ technicals. Consequently, able to provide sufficient information to the clients for decision making. Our research professionals indulge with the clients on one to one basis on regular intervals to discuss their current as well as long term investment goals and modify their portfolio accordingly.