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The Indian paint industry is witnessing a gradual shift in the preferences of people from the traditional whitewash to high-quality paints like emulsions and enamel paints. Therefore, this provides the basic stability for growth of Indian paint industry. Besides, it is creating a strong competitive market, where players are utilising different strategies to tap the growing demand in the market for a larger share.

Nestle holds a leadership position in many product categories – over 85% of its product portfolio. It enjoys enormous brand recall in products like instant noodles (Maggi), instant coffee (Nescafe), chocolates (Classic, KitKat, Munch, Milkybar), Cereals (Cerelac, Lactogen). Due to strong market holding in most of its products, Nestle secures pricing power.

Our Equity Research Head, CA Paras Behl, presented a webinar on Stock Markets. It represents our investment philosophy on how to invest in stocks for long term wealth growth. Wealth always builds in long term in equities. Remaining invested in quality stocks over minimum 2-3 years results in compounding of wealth.

Every investor wanting to build huge wealth in long term should invest in Equity Mutual Funds as part of the investment portfolio. Equity mutual funds require investors to stay invested for longer period, min 5 years. Only then the compounding factor plays wonders. Know the top 4 benefits of investing in equity mutual funds in this short video.

This is an introductory video for investors trying to know that how Equity market Investments create wealth in long term. There are major myths with stock market investing which this video clears out.

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