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  1. If we would have looked at ITC from only FMCG sector it would have stood no chance in front of the competition but, as a whole with their tobacco business which is a cash cow ITC has a huge advantage.

    And now as they have started to improve margins in FMCG sector it feels like King(tabacco business) has prepared his prince(FMCG) for the battle ahead.

    If you are interested you see my article which I recently wrote on ITC and it was appreciated by famous ITC shareholder and investor, D.Muthukrishnan.

    Here is the link for it:

    It great following your blog cheers!

  2. Probably ITC does not leave business margin for the retailers ,so small retailers stack Britannia in biscuit segment , ITC must be price competitive for retailers ,should go for products for common people also just as yepee noodles has become popular now . Redtapeism if any should be abolished , transparency in official matters and corruption if any should be looked into .If possible sectorwise office should be opened in other parts of the country .

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